GreyList Gold

Gold is GreyList’s principal asset tracing tool. In three weeks we can interrogate our banking database of 204,000 banks and regulated financial services firms to identify the banks and branches in which the ‘Person of Interest’ has a relationship.

The GreyList Algorithm does NOT operate inside the global financial system.

If the Algorithm produces a positive result there is a very high probability that an account – active or inactive – personal or corporate – was opened using that email address. Our results to date are consistent with this very high level of confidence.

Our output report can be used:

  • As a basis for further investigation.
  • To negotiate with the ‘Person of Interest’.
  • In court proceedings.

GreyList reports are increasingly being used in different jurisdictions worldwide. To date, applications supported by our reports have been 100 percent successful.

We can advise our clients on how to optimise disclosure applications and can provide supporting documentation including affidavits.

GreyList Gold Case Studies

GreyList Trace

Case Study 1

The client was owed a significant amount of money by three individuals who had disclosed a handful of empty bank accounts, claiming they were bankrupt.

Ahead of a final court hearing we ran a search for banks in the UK and 12 “tax-haven” territories, including the Channel Islands, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, the BVI, Gibraltar and Malta.

We identified 15 banks in eight countries. 12 of the banks had not been disclosed. The case was settled on the steps of the court. We had found not only the banks where money was hidden, but also the “bolt hole” accounts set up to move funds if and when the existing accounts were compromised.

GreyList Trace

Case Study 2

We were asked to investigate the email addresses of a businessman in a divorce case in Australia. We tested three email addresses and identified a number of banks. The wife’s lawyer presented the banks discovered by GreyList.

Within 24 hours the husband delivered an affidavit that he did not have accounts at any of these banks. The wife’s legal team contacted the banks stating that – thanks to GreyList – they had good reason to believe that the husband held accounts with them.

The client got swift replies, on a “goodwill” basis, from one of the banks stating that they didn’t hold any accounts related to the husband. The lawyers went back asking whether the email address connected to the account we identified was registered with the bank. The bank said no.

At the court hearing just days later evidence emerged that the husband did have an account, it had been open for five years, and it contained a significant sum.

GreyList Trace

Case Study 3

We conducted an investigation in respect of a very high-profile divorce matter from an investigator in Geneva. It involved an aristocratic Italian family and had made the headlines in the Continental press.

We were given just two email addresses belonging to the husband and we found a total of 14 banks in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Brazil, and the USA.

The husband settled immediately. In just six weeks our intervention ended a long and tortuous legal battle that had been raging for over a year.

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