GreyList Connect

Connect is a powerful tool in revealing conspiracies, identifying breaches in non-compete agreements and confirming known connections between ‘Persons of Interest’.

Connect goes back to the very basics of the GreyList Algorithm: it can establish if ANY pair of email addresses has communicated with each other in one direction or both. If two parties deny communicating or passing information to each other, Connect can test this assertion.

If someone leaves a company under a standstill agreement, Connect can establish if they are in communication with key clients and employees. If there is circumstantial evidence but not certainty that a ‘Person of Interest’ has accounts with specific banks, Connect can be used to confirm or deny this proposition.

The case studies that follow give a flavour of the versatility of Connect:


GreyList Connect Case Studies

Case Study 1

We were contacted by the wife in a US divorce case. She had hired a local investigator to identify bank accounts of her Japanese-American husband.

The investigator came back with a list of ten bank accounts, spread worldwide and including internet banks in the UK and Singapore. Two of the banks were in the island of Jersey. The wife spent large sums obtaining a disclosure order only for the bank to deny holding any accounts.

The wife asked us to GreyList the ten banks, and added two in Vietnam. In just a week we confirmed four banks: two in Hong Kong and two in Japan. But, crucially, none in Jersey.

We prepared a GreyList report and swore an affidavit to use in a California court application for letters rogatory. These were granted and led to a successful Norwich Pharmacal application in Hong Kong.

Case Study 2

Our client was attempting to prove a conspiracy involving the former prime minister of a country and his family, a group of prominent businessmen in an adjacent country and group of UK-based deal fixers.

We ran a Connect assignment involving 256 pairs of email addresses. We identified 26 positive two-way connections. They included six between two email addresses of the ex-Prime Minster and three email addresses of the most prominent businessmen. Both parties were on record stating they had never communicated.

We identified nine positives related to three potential deal fixers, eight relating to one of them, who then became a priority target for the investigation.

Case Study 3

Three firms of investigators had established that two individuals held accounts at a bank in the Caribbean. The bank denied holding any accounts connected to the individuals.

So we ran a Connect operation on key target email addresses and the Caribbean bank. We came up with two positives relating to the two individuals under investigation.

Our report was used to launch a successful Norwich Pharmacal application.

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