GreyList Gold

can identify every bank and regulated financial services firm in the world in which your ‘Person of Interest’ has an account.

GreyList Connect

can establish in just a few days with whom your ‘Person of Interest’ has been communicating.

GreyList Red

can raise a red flag if your ‘Person of Interest’ has associations with sanctioned parties (banks, corporates and individuals) and Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

GreyList Crypto

can legally test target email addresses against our global database of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Although our technology is email-based we are neither reading nor decrypting emails. We are solely interested in establishing connections between email addresses.

The Client supplies us with the email address(es) of a ‘Person of Interest’. We turn each email address into a string of digital code and load it into the Algorithm. This is then sent out to the filtering systems protecting the email filtering systems of every bank in our global database or email service providers.

We can run one or multiple email addresses. Where a client does not have an email address or wishes to search for additional ones, our Email Search Unit (ESU) can help.

Filtering systems are programmed to accept, reject or further investigate incoming emails. Those accepted are on the email service provider’s ‘Whitelist’. Those rejected are on the ‘Blacklist’. Those that require further investigation end up on the ‘GreyList’.

Simply put, the GreyList Algorithm is asking this key question of the filtering system: ‘Have I been here before?’ If the answer is Yes, then the email will be admitted into the Server, i.e., it is on the email service provider’s ‘Whitelist’.

As soon as the Algorithm has established the status of a target email address, the string of code self-destructs. This means nothing is delivered to an email server.  We have dispatched over a billion strings of code and none have ever been delivered.

This means that the GreyList process:

  • Does not access the proprietary servers of a bank or email service provider
  • Does not transmit any content.
  • Neither adds nor subtracts any information.

For this reason, the GreyList process does not breach computer misuse legislation, constitute “phishing”, passing off or fraudulent misrepresentation.

The legality of the GreyList process is underpinned by legal opinions in the UK and the US and our process has been subject to rigorous technical and legal due diligence by clients in both the private and public sectors.

Clients contracting our services must confirm they have obtained target email addresses by legal means and have the legal right to process them.

Clients deliver target email addresses via our proprietary secure portal and use this to monitor progress and to download results.

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