• GreyList Trace unveils GreyList Red, a revolutionary
    sanctions risk screening tool – May 2022
  • Marketing Update – March 2022
  • Technical and Product Update – January 2022
  • Trading Update – November 2021
  • Lord Mayor of London visits GreyList – July 2021
  • New US Legal Opinion – July 2021
  • Trading Update – June 2021
  • John Moscow joins GreyList Trace – March 2020
  • GreyList Trace honoured to join ICC FraudNet as Strategic Partner – February 2020
  • US Trademark Granted – December 2019

GreyList Trace unveils GreyList Red, a revolutionary
sanctions risk screening tool – May 2022

GreyList looks at the world through the lens of an email address. Its unique Algorithm identifies, totally legally, connections in one direction or both, between any pair of email addresses.

The heart of GreyList's technology is Email Networking Analysis (ENA), which traces the DNA left by email address communication. (An email address is a unique identifier that cannot be faked.)

This cutting-edge technology is now extended to sanctions risk management with the launch of GreyList Red.

GreyList Red is a 'second-order' screening tool that allows clients to identify hidden and indirect connections they may have with sanctioned parties. The outcome of a GreyList Red search is binary. There is a connection or there isn't.

GreyList Red can in just a few hours, to a few days, identify any dubious business relationships that might give rise to fines, criminal penalties and reputational damage.

Using GreyList Red allows clients to understand better where their direct and indirect sanctions risks lie and to make more informed transactional and strategic risk/return decisions.

GreyList Red reduces the complexity of screening by extracting smart data from big data for ENA.

Sanctions violation has become one of the most significant risks for any business operating across multiple jurisdictions. Once only a real concern for financial institutions, the widening coverage of sanctions regimes is forcing all cross-border businesses to improve the effectiveness of their sanctions risk management.

GreyList Red is a unique tool to add to your toolbox to manage risk and uncertainty more cost-effectively.

Marketing Update – March 2022

The company continues to expand its marketing capability as business levels rise and its client base starts to incorporate public sector as well as private sector clients.

Activities are truly global with assignments from every continent. We are seeing a surge in demand for GreyList Connect in addition to continuing demand for GreyList Gold. GreyList Red will be launched in the next several weeks but we are already engaged in trialling the product.

We continue to rely on our established marketing team and we are on the cusp of expanding it further. We are also entering into an increasing number of strategic partnerships and co‐operations with parties who can assist our business.

We continue to work productively with our consultant John Moscow and increasingly value our strategic partnership with ICC FraudNet and our involvement with the Association of British Investigators. Over the last three months we have signed three more strategic partnership agreements which we will discuss in future News Releases.

These activities and affiliations are supporting a broadening of our product offering from asset tracing into risk screening technology and creating and manipulating "smart" data.

We will be providing further product information over the next several months. You will also find us in the near term at the C5 Asset Tracing Conference in Geneva and at the Offshore Alert Conference in Miami.

Technical and Product Update – January 2022

The company is emerging from the many technical challenges presented by Covid-19. Given that the GreyList Algorithm operates in cyber space in every country in the world, the significant strains placed on the smooth and consistent running of the internet over the last 21 months generated a steep learning curve that the company had to overcome to maintain its operating capability.

The company has continued to reduce processing times and work towards automating its processes. Automation is now at or close to 100 percent in many areas. The company is testing a portal that will allow clients to enter and transmit data to GreyList under 100 percent secure conditions, monitor the progress of assignments and then retrieve the results of the assignments.

The company is well advanced in building a totally unique database of sanctioned individuals, enterprises and PEPs. This database will underpin the formal launch of GreyList Red, which is anticipated to occur in March or April 2022. Red can be used in its own right but its most powerful use will be as a supplementary risk screening tool.

The company continues to run a very tight ship with a core technical team of no more than 10 people. We anticipate a need to recruit another five to six people by the mid-point of the year, primarily working on populating and updating databases. We also plan a significant expansion of our processing capability. We currently expect to finance this expansion from internal cash flows.

Trading Update – November 2021

Greylist Trace Limited completed its financial year on 31 October 2021. This was the second full year of trading by the company.

We are pleased to report that total sales for the year more than doubled and that the company recorded its first annual profit.

This has been achieved despite the challenges presented by Covid-19 and after significant investment in marketing and technical resources. The company is cash flow‐positive and expenses all equipment and software purchases.

The company anticipates increasing revenues and profits during its 2021‐2022 financial year as it transitions from being purely an asset tracing company into a provider of risk screening tools for enterprise risk management.

The company is already investing heavily in bringing a third major product: GreyList Red to market in the Spring of 2022.

Lord Mayor of London visits GreyList – July 2021

GreyList was very pleased to host William Russell, the 692nd Lord Mayor of London, in Sheffield on 29 July 2021. We had a wide ranging discussion about the Lord Mayor's ambassadorial role in promoting the City of London's financial services and cyber-crime capabilities across the U.K. and internationally.

The Lord Mayor is passionate in his support for the U.K.'s regional strengths and capabilities and in the need to fight climate change.

He was both fascinated and impressed with GreyList's unique asset tracing and investigation capabilities. Not bad for a company of 14 people started just three years ago with £1.35 million of capital provided by prominent EIS funder, Chester-based Deepbridge Capital.

New US Legal Opinion – July 2021

In Spring 2021 we decided that given the fast moving legislative and technical landscape, we would commission an updated US legal opinion on the GreyList process.

Our previous opinion was delivered by a specialist US attorney with ideal credentials to understand the way GreyList worked and its interface with Federal and key State legislation. We decided this time to go to a much larger firm and chose the much respected "business" law firm, BakerHostetler.

BakerHostetler has the capability not only to interpret Federal legislation but a network of offices and personnel that position it to identify all the legislation at State level that could have a bearing on what GreyList does.

We are pleased to report that the opinion delivered on 23 July 2021 gives the GreyList process a categorical "clean bill of health" at both Federal and State level. The opinion addresses multiple legislation and case law including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, Data Privacy legislation including the California Consumer Privacy Act, Can Spam and the Banking Secrecy Act.

We plan to have the opinion reviewed and updated every six months.

Trading Update – June 2021

We are eight months into our financial year, which ends on 31 October. We are pleased to announce that supported by subscription deals with several prominent clients and an increasing involvement in high profile international assignments, our revenues for the eight-month period are running at more than double the levels of the previous year.

We are profitable and have sufficient internal cash flows to continue to invest in our processes and procedures. We are confident that by the end of 2021 the GreyList process will be close to being fully automated.

John Moscow joins GreyList Trace – March 2020

Globally respected financial crime prosecutor joins UK based
asset tracing disruptor to build business worldwide.

GreyList Trace Ltd, a global leader in pioneering financial asset-tracing software, has announced the appointment of top US white collar crime lawyer John Moscow, who will join the company as a Consultant from 2nd March 2020. This follows GreyList's recent announcement of its appointment as a Strategic Partner of ICC FraudNet.

John Moscow is Senior Counsel at Lewis Baach Kaufman Middlemiss (LBKM), the internationally recognized New York litigation boutique specialising in high-profile cross border financial disputes, white collar defence, corporate investigations and compliance. He will remain at LBKM and will help GreyList develop its business in North America and worldwide.

Previously, John spent 30 years with the New York County District Attorney's Office where he prosecuted international economic crime, securities fraud and violations of fiduciary duty. His developed the "theory of jurisdiction" now widely adopted by lawyers prosecuting cases out of Manhattan.

At the New York DA's office, John initiated and led the investigation of Bank of Credit & Commerce International (BCCI), the world's largest ever bank fraud across 70 countries. He is recognised by the main US and international legal directories as a leading white-collar crime prosecutor.

GreyList CEO Nigel Nicholson said: "John is someone who immediately "got" the power and scope of the GreyList algorithm. His reputation, experience and wise counsel will be invaluable in making GreyList the new universally accepted starting point for asset tracing investigations." Commenting on his new role, John Moscow said: "I am truly excited to be joining the GreyList team. Their software has the power to be transformational in speeding up the asset tracing process and bringing fraudsters to justice."

GreyList Trace honoured to join ICC FraudNet
as Strategic Partner – February 2020

Start-up brings unique AI-driven financial asset tracing
platform to ICC FraudNet global membership

GreyList Trace Ltd, a global leader in pioneering financial asset tracing software, has been invited to join ICC FraudNet as a Strategic Partner. ICC FraudNet is an international network of independent lawyers who are the leading civil asset recovery specialists in each country.

This is the first time a start-up has been invited to join this prestigious global network as a Strategic Partner.

Founded in 2017, GreyList legally tracks connections between a 'Person of Interest' and every bank in the world. The software has been developed by a team of UK digital investigators and engineers with a long track record in international corporate investigations.

ICC FraudNet was founded in 2004 by the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world's business organization. The network operates under the auspices of the ICC's London-based Commercial Crime Services unit with approximately 80 members in 60 countries across every continent as well as the offshore jurisdictions where the proceeds of fraud are often concealed. ICC FraudNet is ranked as the only Tier 1 Anti-Fraud legal professional network in the world.

Commenting on the new Partnership, Nigel Nicholson, CEO of GreyList Trace said: "We are proud to have been chosen as Strategic Partner by the membership of ICC FraudNet. We look forward to contributing to the network, helping members provide effective and timely asset tracing services to their clients. We will also be adding to the diverse and exclusive base of Strategic Partners with their differing skills, including participating in global conferences, education and training initiatives."

He continued: "ICC FraudNet's team approach recognises the merits of new technology in asset tracing and suits GreyList perfectly. As part of a multi-disciplinary transnational team, led by FraudNet's asset tracing lawyers and including investigators and forensic accountants, GreyList's artificial intelligence tools can rapidly "follow the money" using email addresses to identify banking relationships and the likely hidden locations of fraudulent funds, from our database of approximately 250,000 banks world-wide.

Peter Lowe, Executive Secretary of ICC FraudNet said: "We are delighted to welcome GreyList Trace as one of our Strategic Partners, who are globally recognized and highly experienced in asset recovery and investigations. Our members look forward to working closely with GreyList in our multidisciplinary transnational teams to maximize recoveries for victims of fraud and corruption."

US Trademark Granted – December 2019

We are pleased to announce that our US Trademark Application for the word "GreyList" has been granted in Classes 36 and 45 covering financial, criminal and fraud investigation.

This added to our UK Trademark granted on 26 April 2019 and New Zealand Trademark granted on 1 October 2019 means that the use of the words "GreyList" and "GreyListing" in our industry is now substantially protected. We continue with selected Trademark applications in other territories.

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