Marketing Update

The company continues to expand its marketing capability as business levels rise and its client base starts to incorporate public sector as well as private sector clients.

Activities are truly global with assignments from every continent. We are seeing a surge in demand for GreyList Connect in addition to continuing demand for GreyList Gold. GreyList Red will be launched in the next several weeks but we are already engaged in trialling the product.

We continue to rely on our established marketing team and we are on the cusp of expanding it further. We are also entering into an increasing number of strategic partnerships and co‚Äźoperations with parties who can assist our business.

We continue to work productively with our consultant John Moscow and increasingly value our strategic partnership with ICC FraudNet and our involvement with the Association of British Investigators. Over the last three months we have signed three more strategic partnership agreements which we will discuss in future News Releases.

These activities and affiliations are supporting a broadening of our product offering from asset tracing into risk screening technology and creating and manipulating “smart” data.

We will be providing further product information over the next several months. You will also find us in the near term at the C5 Asset Tracing Conference in Geneva and at the Offshore Alert Conference in Miami.