GreyList Trace unveils GreyList Red, a revolutionary sanctions risk screening tool

GreyList looks at the world through the lens of an email address. Its unique Algorithm identifies, totally legally, connections in one direction or both, between any pair of email addresses.

The heart of GreyList’s technology is Email Networking Analysis (ENA), which traces the DNA left by email address communication. (An email address is a unique identifier that cannot be faked.)

This cutting-edge technology is now extended to sanctions risk management with the launch of GreyList Red.

GreyList Red is a ‘second-order’ screening tool that allows clients to identify hidden and indirect connections they may have with sanctioned parties. The outcome of a GreyList Red search is binary. There is a connection or there isn’t.

GreyList Red can in just a few hours, to a few days, identify any dubious business relationships that might give rise to fines, criminal penalties and reputational damage.

Using GreyList Red allows clients to understand better where their direct and indirect sanctions risks lie and to make more informed transactional and strategic risk/return decisions.

GreyList Red reduces the complexity of screening by extracting smart data from big data for ENA.

Sanctions violation has become one of the most significant risks for any business operating across multiple jurisdictions. Once only a real concern for financial institutions, the widening coverage of sanctions regimes is forcing all cross-border businesses to improve the effectiveness of their sanctions risk management.

GreyList Red is a unique tool to add to your toolbox to manage risk and uncertainty more cost-effectively.