GreyList Trace honoured to join ICC FraudNet as Strategic Partner

Start-up brings unique AI-driven financial asset tracing platform to ICC FraudNet global membership

GreyList Trace Ltd, a global leader in pioneering financial asset tracing software, has been invited to join ICC FraudNet as a Strategic Partner. ICC FraudNet is an international network of independent lawyers who are the leading civil asset recovery specialists in each country.

This is the first time a start-up has been invited to join this prestigious global network as a Strategic Partner.

Founded in 2017, GreyList legally tracks connections between a ‘Person of Interest’ and every bank in the world. The software has been developed by a team of UK digital investigators and engineers with a long track record in international corporate investigations.

ICC FraudNet was founded in 2004 by the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), the world’s business organization. The network operates under the auspices of the ICC’s London-based Commercial Crime Services unit with approximately 80 members in 60 countries across every continent as well as the offshore jurisdictions where the proceeds of fraud are often concealed. ICC FraudNet is ranked as the only Tier 1 Anti-Fraud legal professional network in the world.

Commenting on the new Partnership, Nigel Nicholson, CEO of GreyList Trace said: “We are proud to have been chosen as Strategic Partner by the membership of ICC FraudNet. We look forward to contributing to the network, helping members provide effective and timely asset tracing services to their clients. We will also be adding to the diverse and exclusive base of Strategic Partners with their differing skills, including participating in global conferences, education and training initiatives.”

He continued: “ICC FraudNet’s team approach recognises the merits of new technology in asset tracing and suits GreyList perfectly. As part of a multi-disciplinary transnational team, led by FraudNet’s asset tracing lawyers and including investigators and forensic accountants, GreyList’s artificial intelligence tools can rapidly “follow the money” using email addresses to identify banking relationships and the likely hidden locations of fraudulent funds, from our database of approximately 250,000 banks world-wide.

Peter Lowe, Executive Secretary of ICC FraudNet said: “We are delighted to welcome GreyList Trace as one of our Strategic Partners, who are globally recognized and highly experienced in asset recovery and investigations. Our members look forward to working closely with GreyList in our multidisciplinary transnational teams to maximize recoveries for victims of fraud and corruption.”