GreyList Red

GreyList Red deploys the same algorithm to establish connections between the email addresses of a ‘Person of Interest’ and banks, entities and individuals on sanctions lists.

GreyList Red is a ‘second-order’ screening tool that allows companies to identify hidden and indirect connections with sanctioned parties.  Clients, customers, counterparties, associates and suppliers may not be sanctioned – but they may have email connections with sanctioned parties, prompting deeper investigation.

In just a few days GreyList Red can flag dubious – even nefarious – business relationships that might give rise to fines, criminal penalties and reputational damage. GreyList Red

Sanctions violation has become one of the most significant risks for any business operating across multiple jurisdictions. Once only a real concern for financial institutions, the widening geographic scope of the enforcement action is forcing all cross-border businesses to improve the effectiveness of their sanctions risk management.

GreyList Red covers the key sanctions regimes of the US, UK and EU as well as Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs).

GreyList is adding further sanctions lists and a range of thematic lists which extract names from different sanctions lists globally.

Bespoke solutions are available for particular databases and, through APIs, secure operational integration with clients’ systems.

GreyList Red is available for high-volume use by corporates, e-commerce platforms, financial institutions, governments and law enforcement agencies.

GreyList Red

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