Welcome to the
Greylist Revolution.

Greylist Trace Limited is pioneering cutting-edge intelligence software that will transform the global asset-recovery industry.


Following e-connections
to find hidden
accounts & missing money.

Greylist can legally detect a suspect's direct contact with every bank in the world in just six weeks.


Lights up the dark world of fraud, money laundering & tax evasion.

There are over 250,000 banks in the world - each and every one a possible hiding place for stolen money.

In one operation GreyList reduces thousands of possible banks to a handful of highly probable banks.


The starting point
for every
asset tracing investigation.

By listing target banks, Greylist speeds the investigaton process and paves the way for swift recovery through disclosure and enforcement actions.

Greylist - for Investigators, Lawyers, Divorce Lawyers, Litigation Funders, Banks, Government Agencies and Regulators, asset recovery specialists, insolvency experts, internal audit and compliance professionals.